8thDisabled Peoples’ International (DPI) World Assembly

October 10-13, 2011; Durban, Republic of South Africa

WE, people with disabilities and disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) from 66 countries of the world participating in the 8th Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI) World Assembly held from October 10-13, 2011 in Durban, Republic of South Africa,

EXPRESS our appreciation to the Government of South Africa, especially the Department of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Government of Kwazulu Natal and the eThekwini Municipality for the support that has enabled us to organise this World Assembly,

ALSO extend our appreciation to all our collaborators, National Lotteries Board, Sanlam, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), SASOC and all DPOs,

ACKNOWLEDGING that we are congregating in the land of international icons, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi and recognising that this is the land which has given the world examples of successful struggles against discrimination and peoples’ movement for equality and human rights,

BELIEVING that the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is the bedrock for the true empowerment of people with disabilities, call upon all States to:

RATIFY the Convention and the Optional Protocol and to develop strong strategies for its effective implementation by the time we meet again in the next four years,

RECOGNISE the imperative of the General Obligations of the State Parties as reflected in Article 4 of the CRPD for full and effective implementation and monitoring of the various Articles,

INCLUDE and involve people with disabilities to actively participate and contribute in the strategies for implementation and monitoring of CRPD,

ENCOURAGE and ensure political participation and build leadership among people with disabilities,

VALUE and appreciate the expertise and equal participation of people with disabilities,

ENSURE that all our programmes are gender sensitive and focus on developing the capacities of youth and women with disabilities,

ENSURE that clear transitional programmes are adopted to prepare school leavers for access to higher education and training and employment,

PARTNER and engage in the process of development of accessible technology around the world to ensure that people with disabilities have the right to information in accessible formats that will enhance their capacity,

ENSURE that disability is an intrinsic part of the Millennium Development Goals and also of all development programmes post 2015,

EMPHASISE on the need for disability inclusive development cooperation,

REINFORCE that special attention needs to be given to women, children and youth with disabilities; intellectual and developmental disabilities; psychosocial disabilities and other vulnerable groups,

RECOGNISE the urgent attention needed to prevent sexual abuse and violence against women and children with disabilities,

ALSO focus on the needs of people with disabilities in emergencies and situations of humanitarian risks ,

URGE the United Nations to empower the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,

ALSO acknowledging that DPI has laid the foundation on which the world’s disability movement is now building itself to new heights,

REALISE that DPI feels the need to reaffirm its strong belief on cross – disability and pledging to be truly representative of all people with disabilities,

ENSURE that the diversity of regions, languages, cultures that DPI represents is reflected in our actions,

WE unanimously pledge to continue working towards removing all barriers – both physical and otherwise, in the way of true emancipation of people with disabilities and to prevent discrimination of any kind, based on any type of disability, specially intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities.

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