United Republic of Tanzania is one of the 18 high prevalent countries of Leprosy in the world giving to the fact that it recorded more than 1000 cases in 2012. However in 2006, Tanzania achieved the WHO goal of reducing the number of cases below 1 per 10,000 population at the national level.

Tanzania ratified CRPD on 10th November 2009 and still has not submitted its Country Report which was due in 2011.

People affected by leprosy in Tanzania remain excluded from society because the surrounding community is misinformed about the disease. There is a perception that people with leprosy-related disabilities have not been cured and remain infectious. And even when a person shows no outward sign of the disease, the mere mention of the word leprosy stigmatizes.

Now that Tanzania has passed the elimination milestone, one organization that is working rigorously to transform itself into an organization to tackle the issue of stigma and discrimination is Tanzania Leprosy Association (TLA). Its leaders and rank-and-file members consist primarily of people affected by leprosy, whose mission is to take the initiative in changing social attitudes toward the disease.

TLA not only aims to combat problems of stigma and discrimination but also works for prevention of disability amongst people affected by Leprosy as among new patients today, 12% already have grade II disability, which is irreversible. Part of TLA's role is also to instill confidence through leadership training.

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