Sudan is one of the largest and geographically most diverse countries in the Africa region and is one of the highly affected lands with Leprosy. Sudan has achieved the elimination level of leprosy, defined as a prevalence of less than 1/10,000 population, nevertheless the incidence of new cases are on the rise.

Sudan ratified CRPD on 24th April 2009 and still has not submitted its country report which was due on 24th May 2011.

Sudan has remained under civil war for decades and the people affected by Leprosy have remained neglected throughout till the end of second civil war in 2005. Since ancient times several Leper Colonies have been created on the outskirts of cities and villages. Traditionally they been ostracized by their communities, but at the colony near Khartoum, victims are cared for by their families. There are some 3,000 people living in the colony, but only about 350 have the disease.

To end stigma and ostracism, The Leprosy Mission has been doing a commendable job in the area of Khartoum. TLM supports the Aburoff Clinic in Khartoum, Sudan's only specialist leprosy centre. Here people affected by leprosy come from across Sudan for treatment. The centre provides support with self care, as well as acting as a training centre for Government staff.

The Leprosy Mission- Sudan
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