Today an average of 2,000 new Leprosy patients are reported annually from Sri Lanka from all 25 districts of the country. Sri Lanka, thus, is among the 18 countries that report over 1000 Leprosy cases a year.

Sri Lanka is also said to have a high percentage of patients with visible deformities at the time of diagnosis. This is perhaps because of the stigma surrounding the disease which discourages patients to seek treatment and lack of awareness.

Sri Lanka also remains one of the few countries in the world who has still not ratified CRPD.

Sri Lanka has witnessed decades of civil disturbances and with the end to that now, there is more movement of people. Some of the displaced people are returning from India. Given this, the number of new cases detected in areas where traditionally only a few cases were found, have been on an increase. In Jaffna district alone such an increase has been observed in 2012.

The Leprosy Mission in conjunction with the local self-help groups and organizations has been working actively combat the stigma, discrimination and prevalence of Leprosy in the country. During 2013 TLM has been investigating options for expanding its program in Sri Lanka especially in the Tamil north of the country whose health services were severely affected during the civil war and where there are many undetected cases of leprosy.

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