Name: Ferkous Kamilia
Country: Algeria
Disability: Physical disability

A student of Management Science, Ferkous specializes in Accounting & Finance. She also works with the Union of Handicapped People of Algeria and actively participates in several awareness raising ativities in her country.

Name: Kristine Aghanyan
Country: Armenia
Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Kristine works at “Agate” NGO as a psychologist and an Armenian Sign language interpreter. She is also a disability rights activist and is working towards encouraging people with disabilities optimistic and fight for their human rights.

Name: Ayaz Huseynov
Country: Azerbaijan
Disability: Hemophilia

Ayaz is a dentist by profession. He is currently the Executive Director of the Azerbaijan Republic Association of Hemophilia. He has been part of various conferences and workshops and regularly participates in the World Congress of Hemophilia.

Name: Antoine Munroe
Country: Bahamas
Disability: Visual Impairment

Antoine has participated in training courses in Microcomputers and using Internet with JAWS. He currently works in the office of the Salvation Army's Mop factory.

Name: S.N. SAKIB
Country: Bangladesh
Disability: Visual Impairment

S.N. Sakib works as the Community Organized and Field Trainer with Action on Disability & Development (ADD), Bangladesh.

Name: Jelena Misic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Disability: Physical disability

Jelena who has worked as Site Coordinator for Doboj region and monitored the rights of persons with disabilities is also involved in various campaigns for youth with disabilities.

Clarisse NdayiragueName: Clarisse Ndayirague
Country: Burundi
Disability: Physical disability

Clarisse who holds a bachelors degree in Clinical and Social Psychology, is an active member of the DPI-Burundi and is also in charge of education and social issues. She advocates for youth with disabilities and often represents them in youth forums organized by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

Name: Declanisângelo Gomes Gonçalves
Country: Cape Verde
Disability: Physical disability

An active member of a dance group in Cape Verde, Declanisângelo is also an active sportsperson with interest in volleyball and swimming among others.

Name: Mii Aratangi
Country: Cook Islands
Disability: Intellectual Disability

Mii attends the Creative Centre (a school for persons with disabilities) 5 days a week and is very creative in all activities. She involves herself in all the events organized by the Centre. Apart from attending school, she is also the Assistant Secretary for the newly formed Cook Islands Women and Girls with Disabilities Organisation.

Name: Ronny Román Leyba Moreno
Country: Dominican Republic
Disability: Visual Impairment

Ronny Leyba, is a student of engineering. He is a member of several organizations of visually impaired people, was a Professor of computer science at the training center for blind (CENCAPCI), and is currently working with the first lady of the Dominican Republic.

Name: Lorena Ulloa
Country: Ecuador
Disability: Physical disability

Lorena has been part of many seminars and workshops on issues related disability in her country like seminar of sports for people with disabilities, sexuality of persons with disabilities, employment of people with disability etc.

Name: Ebrima Dibbasey
Country: Gambia
Disability: Physical disability

Ebrima is the founder of the National Union of Disabled Youths (NUDY), Board member of Gambia Federation of Disabled (GFD) and the youth representative of various youth organizations in the country. Currently, he is the Chairperson of a network of journalist to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities in the Gambia. He has created a disability column in the Foroyaa Newspaper and advocates regularly for the advancement of the disability right for the youth in Gambia.

Name: Juventus Dourinaah
Country: Ghana
Disability: Hearing Impairment

A young energetic and active graduate, Juventus has been in the forefront in the fight and campaign for equal and access to barrier-free social, economic and educational opportunities for persons with disabilities in Ghana. He has been the Regional Secretary for Upper West Region Association of the Deaf. He has been a major advocate for accessible facilities for Deaf teacher trainees in Northern Ghana.

Name: Luis Carlos
Country: Honduras
Disability: Visual Impairment

Luis has been a participant at the Paralympics game in 2007 and 2008. He is currently pursuing his career in journalism as an intern at the University of Honduras. He also works at the department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Education.

Name: Ummul Kher
Country: India
Disability: Physical Disability

Ummul has been part of the disability movement for last 10 years. She took part in the International Abilympics as young artist. Currently she is Member of Disabled Peoples Association, Jawaharlal Nehru University, auditing the accessibility project of JNU Camus. She has been part of various forums and workshops on disability issues. In 2013 she was awarded National Outstanding Woman Award by National Commission of women, Indian Government for being a role model for girls with disabilities.

Name: Sonam Jamtsho
Country: Bhutan
Disability: Visual Impairment

Sonam is a member of the Disabled Person’s Association of Bhutan.

Name: Jaewoong Choi
Country: Korea
Disability: Physical Disability

Jaewoong has worked at the Independent Living Center in Yongin for a year. He is also an active sportsperson and participates in the national team of wheelchair rugby.

Name: Seinep Dykanbaeva
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Seinep works towards the protection of rights and interests of children with disabilities and their families and is also involved in social research concerning disability in Kyrgyzstan.

Name: Nouaneta Latsavongxay
Country: Laos
Disability: Physical Disability

Mr. Nouaneta Latsavongxay is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in Disability Rights in Laos PDR, and has worked with the country’s leading DPO, the Lao Disabled People’s Association (LDPA), since 2005. He is currently the Manager of the Disability Rights Promotion Unit, and is also working on a two year partnership project with Handicap International (HI).

Name: Rethabile Letsoela
Country: Lesotho
Disability: Physical Disability

Rethabile is currently responsible for co-coordinating an Organization Development Project (ODP) in LNAPD where a platform is being set for strengthening of DPOs members to actively voice out their issues in their own communities.

Name: Jean Francois Favory
Country: Mauritius
Disability: Physical Disability

Favory has been a successful professional working in a Multinational company in Mauritius. He is also involved in sports and actively practices swimming and has been a wheelchair basketball player, winning tournaments in Mauritius. He has served as member for the Ministry of Social Security on the Training and Employment for Disabled Persons Board Mauritius. He has also been the Vice President and National responsible person for Wheelchair Basketball for the Physically Disabled Sports Federation, Mauritius.

Name: Soe Moe Oo
Country: Myanmar
Disability: Physical Disability

Soe Moe Oo is one of the active persons for current and future disability movements in Myanmar and has been engaged in this work since 2009. She worked for community with disabilities under SMTF Foundation (disability focus foundation) and is now working for Myanmar Independent Living Initiative, MILI (organization of persons with disability) as one of the active leader of there. She has also recently completed her training in Japan as part of the DUSKIN Leadership Training Program for Youths with Disabilities in Asia and Pacific Region.

Name: Achyut Subedi
Country: Nepal
Disability: Physical Disability

Achyut, a student of Journalism, works as a freelancer for "Disability Voice" published by DHRC-Nepal. He also works as Program Support with National Federation of Disabled Nepal.

Name: – Julissa Espinoza Vanessa Padilla
Country: Nicaragua
Disability: Visual Impairment

Name: Hassan Zakou
Country: Niger
Disability: Hearing Impairment

Hassan who is a Member of the office of the Niger Federation of the Handicapped People (FNPH) is also affiliated with other committees and associations such as the National Executive committee Association of the Deaf persons of Niger (BEN ASN) and Association of the Handicapped Students of the University of Niamey (AEHUN).

Name: Mohammed Kabir
Country: Nigeria
Disability: Hearing Impairment

Mohammed Kabir is the Principal Private Secretary, Office of the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Disability Affairs in Adamawa State. He has gained tremendous experience working with the office of the Advisor to state Governor on disability affairs as well as associations of persons with disabilities.

Name: Waqas Nasim
Country: Pakistan
Disability: Physical Disability

Waqas takes part in activities which involves counseling for people with from spinal cord injuries. He also works as an event coordinator and organizes seminars, workshops and sports activities for people with disabilities.

Name: Maher Fayez Naeem Shafi
Country: Palestine
Disability: Visual Impairment

Maher Fayez Naeem Shafi is a member and trainer with Disabled Without Borders Organization / Palestine (DWBO).

Name: Hervis Armando Mancilla
Country: Panama
Disability: Visual Impairment

Mancilla has a degree in psychology. He is currently working as a Coordinator of project: “AGORA PANAMA” at his organization called Foundation ELEVEN for Solidarity with Blind People of Latin America. He has been associated with many workshops and campaigns for visually impaired persons. Mancialla’s vision is to promote a better quality of live for the people with disabilities.

Name: Zeena Sivi
Country: Papua New Guinea
Disability: Physical Disability

Zeena is the Secretary of the NCD provincial DPO and advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream development agendas. Currently works closely with PNGADP to collect data on people with disability in the National Capital District.

Name: Soledad Deisi Tala
Country: Peru
Disability: Physical Disability

Soledad is the Regional coordinator of the National Council for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities - CONADIS where she works with grassroots organizations, public and non-public entities.

Name: Tatiana Goras
Country: Republic of Moldova
Disability: Visual Impairment

Tatiana works as a psychologist within the Center of Legal Assistance for People with Disabilities, where she supports people with disabilities to find a job and motivates them to be included in the labor market. She also has four years experience of working in the disability sector and has organized different events,workshops and trainings for the promotion of social inclusion of people with disabilities of different ages in the public life.

Name: Ari Hazelman
Country: Samoa
Disability: Visual Impairment

Ari is the treasurer of the Disabled Youth Community of DPI-Samoa. He is extremely proactive in promoting disability issues and CRPD and is said to have excellent leadership skills.

Name: Mirela Avdagic
Country: Serbia
Disability: Muscular Dystrophy

Mirela has partly been involved in some projects related to disabled students in Serbia.

Name: Santigie Karebo
Country: Sierra Leone
Disability: Physical Disability

Santigie works with Disability Awareness Action Group (DAAG). He is also the Chairman of Leone Association of Polio Persons and President of National Youth with Disability Network.

Name: Aleksandra Surla
Country: Slovenia
Disability: Visual Impairment

Aleksandra has extensive experience in advocating for rights for people with disabilities and improving lives. She is an editor of a newspaper in Braille and large print at the National Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia.

Name: Wonderboy Qaji
Country: South Africa
Disability: Visual Impairment

Wonderboy Qaji has an LLB degree and is working for National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa. As a university student he formed Disabled Students Society with other students with disabilities and he was also a political educator of SASCO. He is currently the National Chairperson of Disabled Youth South Africa (DYSA).

Name: Henry Swaka Joseph
Country: South Sudan
Disability: Visual Impairment

Henry Joseph in a young man actively involved in the Sudanese disability movement. He is also involved in the process of formation of an umbrella association of Persons with Disabilities in South Sudan.

Name: Mohamed Ishan Jalill
Country: Sri Lanka
Disability: Visual Impairment

Jalill who is the President of Young Voices Sri Lanka is also the first visually impaired person in the world to be part of a rowing crew. He works actively with youth with disabilities.

Name: Jessica Kashia Jacobie
Country: St. Lucia
Disability: Visual Impairment

Jessica works as an Itinerant teacher with visually challenged secondary school students and is also associated with the Ministry of education attached to the St. Lucia Blind Welfare association.

Name: Emmanuel Mhehwa
Country: Tanzania
Disability: Visual Impairment

Emmanuel holds a degree in law and is an active member of the Tanzania League of the Blind. He has previously worked with the Open University as a specialist and trainer of Computers and technology (2012-2013). Emmanuel is now employed by the Action on Disability and Development (ADD) International, Country office as Program officer Lobbying and Advocacy since March, 2013.

Name: Supawat Samurpark
Country: Thailand
Disability: Physical Disability

Supawat is working with Disabled Peoples’ International Asia-Pacific as a National Project Coordinator, focusing on Independent Living and Accessibility. He is also a member of Children and Youth Council of Bangkok as a representative of disability community to mainstream disability issue to Children and Youth Council’s strategic plan.

Name: GASSREVI Ablamvi Ferdinand
Country: Togo
Disability: Visual Impairment

Ablamvi is a 2nd year student pursuing his Masters. He is the secretary of the Association of the Blind students and actively participates in the awareness raising activities for people with disabilities in Togo.

Name: Victor Bulka
Country: Ukraine
Disability: Physical Disability

Victor works in an organization of people with disabilities as a consultant for the protection of the rights and interests of persons with disabilities who reside in the Kherson region, Ukraine. Currently, he works as a Social Worker at the Center of Social Services for families, children and youth. He consults with young people with disabilities on issues of social protection in accordance with the current legislations.

Name: Alexander Plotnikov
Country: Uzbekistan
Disability: Physical Disability

Alexander is the leader of the Youth Club 'KROŽI OPA'. She actively takes part in activities for youth with disabilities and was recent hange 'participation for all' through non-formal education in Uzbekistan. She is also the Coordinator of the Youth initiative for visually impaired children enrolled in boarding school.