Madagascar is one of many countries continuing to work to eradicate the disease. However the political uprisings in 2002 and 2009 have rendered significant halt in progress towards elimination.

In recent times the village of Antalaha on the eastern coast of Madagascar has seen a surge of newly diagnosed cases. Madagascar reported 1,472 new cases of leprosy in the year 2012, making it one of the 18 high prevalent countries in the world.

Madagascar remains one of the few countries who still has not ratified CRPD.

People affected by Leprosy in Madagascar continue to face discrimination and isolation in society. Over the centuries sufferers have been cast out from their communities, and their families, children and grandchildren are sent with them. Fondation Raoul Follereau has been working tirelessly to fight the disease in the country and works to raise awareness about self-care and rehabilitation. It also works to support education and research of cure of Leprosy.

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