Democratic Republic of Congo is a country located in the African Great Lakes region of Central Africa. Located in a humid tropical climate with a rainy season which lasts eight months, DR Congo is home to one of the highest rates of prevalence of Leprosy in the world. Due to generations of civil unrest, famine, disease, and the resulting cyclic poverty, leprosy is highly prevalent in the DR Congo. Poor infrastructure has also resulted in difficult access to the many isolated, leprosy-affected areas throughout the country, particularly in the north- west.

Democratic Republic of Congo remains one of the few countries in the world who still have not ratified the CRPD.

Shame, taboo and low level of education are still barriers to the detection of leprosy in DR Congo. Many leprosy patients continue to suffer from severe disabilities and complications. To fight these barriers TLM Congo is working tirelessly to provide adequate rehabilitation and relief to persons affected by Leprosy in DR Congo.

The Leprosy Mission-Congo
Dr Louis Paluku Sabuni
Country Director
Address: 124, Avenue de la Mongala
PO Box 14347, Kin 1
Kinshasa, Gombe
Phone: +243 85 129 0370