Leprosy remains a major public health concern to Angolan authorities as the country is among those recording over a thousand cases, despite having reached the elimination goal. Angola recorded 1,048 leprosy cases at the 2010 year end.

Angola also recently ratified the CRPD on May 19, 2014 and to eradicate Leprosy, the Government of Angola has undertaken many provisions, including setting up of prevention of disability services integrated with drug provision. One of the main targets for the National Leprosy Control Program is to:

  • Facilitate the ownership of all areas of the program by the Government through integration of leprosy services into Primary Health Care (PHC);
  • Make the staff of Health Units responsible for the care of all patients, not only those with leprosy;
  • Transform leprosaria into health units for general care; and
  • Create a network of all partners working towards realisation of the National Program.

Apart from the Government there are many other organizations working for the betterment of people affected by Leprosy and for its elimination like ARPAL, a self-help group formed by the people affected by Leprosy, and The Leprosy Mission-Angola.

The Leprosy Mission-Angola
Dr Jean-Pierre Bréchet
Country Director
Address: Complexo da AEA
Rua Mbulu, Moro Bento
CP 5968
Luanda, Angola
Phone: +244 923 723 857
Email: jean-pierre@brechet.ch, brechlep@netcabo.co.ao
Website: http://www.leprosymission.org/angola.html