Region: Asia Pacific

Country: Cambodia

Mr. Ngin Saorath, Executive Director
Wat Than, Norodom Blvd, Sankath Tole Basak, Phnom Penh, P.O. Box 2008
Phnom Penh

Telephone: 855-16-851-841 / 855-23-221-823

Fax: 855-23-221-823

Email: director(at)cdpo[dot]org

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CDPO is a movement of Cambodians with disabilities and was established in September 1994. CDPO is a membership-based, non- governmental federation of disabled peoples organisations [DPOs], which legitimately claims to be the organization representing disabled people in Cambodia. It exists to developnet works of people with disabilities (PWD) so as to support, protect, serve and promote their rights, achievement, and interests, in order to bring about their fuller participation and equality in society. Its role is not to provide services or material benefits to disabled people, but rather to represent them and advocate for their interests as well as empower them by building their own awareness and capacity. This role makes it very unique in Cambodia. CDPO conduct many activities at grassroots level as well as with national and international level for the sake of people with disabilities in Cambodia. In 2001 CDPO singed an MOU with MOSAVY outlining its role and its responsibilities to the people of Cambodia, which is due to be renewed during 2005 Mission CDPO is an organisation of people with disabilities whose mission is to: a.. Develop the networks of people with disabilities so as to support,protect, serve and promote their rights, achievements and interests, in order to bring about their fuller participation and equality in society. b.. Help bring into reality the ideals contained in the Proclamations and Declarations as stated in the preamble of this constitution. General Objectives a.. To promote and bring about positive changes in attitudes in Cambodian society towards people with disabilities. b.. To upgrade, support and protect the rights and interests of people with disabilities by encouraging the establishment of associations, which can enable people with disabilities to address social and economic issues among their members. c.. To participate with/or contribute to policy-making bodies of the government in formulating legislation/regulation on job quotas appropriate to physical ability and skill of people with disabilities, and issues of accessibility of opportunities and the physical environment which would allow people with disabilities to get opportunities for wider participation in society. d.. To co-operate with Government agencies as well as national/local and international NGOs to provide support to strengthen the community-based programs and services in the interests of people with disabilities and their families.